Austria chose the hard way during the fourth wave. There was a tough lockdown. In addition, there will be compulsory vaccination from February.

Since November 22nd, in Austria a tough lockdown.

 After 10 days of lockdown - this is how it is about our neighboring country Austria

The government around Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (left) took the tough road during the fourth wave.

 After 10 days of lockdown - this is how it is about our neighboring country Austria

Entry into Austria has also become more difficult.


  • The tough measures with lockdown and exit restrictions seemed to be having an effect.

  • In the meantime, however, the number of infections is rising a little again.

  • The effects of the lockdown on the hospitals will only become apparent in a few days.

On Tuesday there was still a restrained sigh of relief in Austria: the tough measures with lockdown and exit restrictions seemed to be having an effect, the number of new infections registered fell to 8186. In the previous week there was an average of over 14,000 a day, and on Wednesday last week even 15,365.

But after two days with significantly lower numbers, the cases soared again on Wednesday to 10 & # x27; 367, there were 61 deaths recorded. Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein also warns that the capacity situation in the hospitals in the republic is likely to continue to deteriorate. On Wednesday, 2727 patients were treated in hospitals in Austria, 649 people are in intensive care units. In many places, triages have to decide who is treated and how.

 After 10 days of lockdown - this is how it is about our neighboring country Austria

This graphic shows how the number of cases has been falling again since the tough measures.

No desired effect on hospital admissions yet

A graphic from ourworldindata shows how the tough measures in Austria are having an effect on the number of cases. Shortly after the lockdown came into effect on November 22nd, the number of new infections fell visibly. However, the factor of the 2G obligation and the lockdown for unvaccinated persons from November 15th also play a major role here.

But if you look at the situation in the Austrian hospitals, there is still no improvement in sight, it is even dramatic. The lockdown does not yet have the same effect on hospital admissions as it does on the number of cases. However, it has been seen from previous lockdowns that these always have an impact on the infections first and only then on the hospitalizations. The Austrian virologist Dorothee von Laer told the SRF: “The braking distance in a lockdown is long. First the incidences fall, then the number of intensive care patients. »

The dramatic situation in the hospitals is due, among other things, to the low vaccination rate. The Austrian Ministry of Health published a report a week ago, from which it can be seen that three quarters of intensive care patients are incompletely vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.

From February, vaccination is mandatory in Austria

The Austrian government around Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has decided that it wants to introduce compulsory vaccinations in order to increase the number of first vaccinations. This will come into force on February 1st, 2022. The government would like to announce more details in the course of the next week. The lockdown is scheduled for December 12th. Voices from the business world are calling for trade to be opened earlier.

There is a Covid forecast consortium in Austria. This consists of experts from various universities. And after assessing the situation on Wednesday, this consortium was a little optimistic that the current lockdown will have a positive effect on the number of cases and what is happening in the hospitals in the next few weeks.

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