Actress Sharon Stone stranded on dating site

It’s not easy to find love when you’re a movie star: Sharon Stone said she was stuck on a dating app, users believed her profile was too good to be true.
“I went to the Bumble dating site and they closed my account. Some users have reported that it clearly couldn’t be me! ”Tweeted the American actress on the night of Sunday to Monday.

“Hey Bumble, is being me disqualifying? Let me enter the hive, ”she added with humor, playing on the meaning of the word“ bumble ”in English (bumblebee).

The 61-year-old American, who starred in “Total Recall” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and gained international notoriety with “Basic Instinct” (1992), published a screenshot of this application, on which it’s the women who start the conversation first.

“Your account has been blocked because we have received several reports saying that your profile is a fake,” says the photo.

The actress’ tweets have been shared several thousand times, with some internet users even volunteering for a date with the Hollywood star.

But all is well that ends well, and the application announced that the actress could resume her research.

“We found your account, we unblocked you, and made sure it didn’t happen again,” wrote a Bumble manager on Twitter.

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