About 60% of Americans disapprove of Donald Trump’s management

Roughly six out of ten Americans generally disapprove of President Donald Trump’s performance, according to a new poll released Thursday by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs, which shows some support for management of the economy by Mr. Trump, but gives him poor marks on other major issues.
Only 36 percent of Americans approve of the way Mr. Trump serves as president; 62 percent disapprove of his work.

These statistics may not be good for a president in a first term who will seek re-election in 14 months, but they are remarkably stable. Trump’s approval rating has never been less than 32 percent or more than 42 percent in AP-NORC polls since taking office. In comparison, President Barack Obama’s approval has never been less than 40 percent in Gallup’s polls.

The mediocre ratings extend to Trump’s handling of several key issues: immigration, health care, foreign policy and firearms. The Republican president’s views on managing the economy remain relatively good despite fears of a recession, but at least 60 percent of Americans disapprove of his performance on other issues. Steady statistics suggest that the president’s relative weak position vis-à-vis the American population is frozen after two years of near-constant political crises, scandalous statements and discordant speeches in the White House.

The new investigation was carried out soon after successive shootings in Texas and Ohio had killed dozens and sparked new calls for action by US citizens. Trump pledged to take immediate action after the shootings, but has since changed his mind on a number of occasions about the importance of strengthening background checks on people seeking to buy firearms.

According to the poll, 36 percent of people approve of Trump’s policy on guns, while 61 percent disapprove of them, statistics that more generally reflect his popularity rating.

Seven out of ten Republicans approve of Trump’s management of gun policy, one of his worst ratings on the Republican side.

With the exception of gun control, Mr. Trump remains very popular in his own party.

Nearly eight out of ten Republicans approve of Trump’s overall performance, while 20 percent disapprove of it. As it has been since taking office, Democrats oppose its leadership by an overwhelming majority: 94 percent of Democrats disapprove of its presidency according to the new poll.

The support of the independents also remains very low for Mr. Trump, with about two-thirds disapproving his administration.

A relatively larger number of Americans approve of Trump’s management of the economy, even if it is not a majority: 46 percent of people approve of it and 51 percent disapprove of it.

The economic approval rating is down five percentage points from the same period last year.

Only five percent of Democrats approve of its overall performance, but 16 percent approve of its management of the economy.

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