Turbulent: The son of the US singer and his fiancée were born in November, and they separated just a week later. Now they are already celebrating their love comeback.

Aaron Carter (34) and Melanie Martin are a couple again. The US singer and his fiancée briefly separated last week.

 Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin are now a couple again

This is because, according to Carter's tweets, Martin had secret contact with his twin sister Angel, with whom he is falling out.

 Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin are now a couple again

Carter told Tmz.com that he was still injured. However, everyone deserves a second chance.

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  • The son of Aaron Carter (34) and Melanie Martin was born on November 22nd.

  • Just a week later, the US singer announced the separation from his fiancée.

  • After a turbulent weekend, at which, according to Carter, even the child protection agency came by, the new father is now announcing the love comeback.

Last week, US singer Aaron Carter broke up with Melanie Martin – just a week after the birth of his first child, Prince. Now the 34-year-old tells Tmz.com that he and his fiancée are trying again and want to resolve the conflict “for the good of their family”. So he is still injured, but everyone deserves a second chance.

The former child star also reports that fans have alerted the child protection authorities because Martin allegedly put their son in bed roughly in a video. Over the weekend, officials from the agency paid him a visit to his home in Lancaster, California, to ensure the baby's welfare and to check the general living conditions. Ultimately, however, the all-clear was given.

Separation due to contact with a falling out family

Carter, who by the way has his birthday today, announced the brief separation from Martin on November 30th on Twitter. He accused the mother of his child of having had secret contact with his twin sister Angel, with whom he had a bad relationship, for two years. “I've never felt so devastated and lied to in my entire life,” tweeted the younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter (41).

Carter fell out with his siblings years ago and the arguments have often made headlines in the past. The American accuses his family of trying to place him under guardianship. Brother Nick and twin sister Angel also applied for a contact ban in 2019 after Aaron allegedly made threats.

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