A woman dies after a road trip to Saint-Malachie

A 55-year-old woman lost her life on Sunday after a brutal road trip to Saint-Malachie, in the Bellechasse region.
The wife is Régine Morneau, originally from Sainte-Claire. She was driving south when she lost control of her vehicle and finished racing against a tree on the opposite side of the track. She was alone on board and no other vehicle was involved in the accident.

“The lady was extirpated by the first responders and her death was recorded at the hospital,” says the spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Daniel Thibodeau.

Motorists traveling the same road informed the authorities of the sad event at 12:42 pm on Route 277 near Kinsella Mountain. So we can say that the accident occurred around 12:30.

“We have no hypothesis to advance at this stage of the investigation. Several things can explain the loss of control, either a mechanical break, a distraction or an animal crossing the road. These are only suppositions, we only know what the scene reveals to us. There were no witnesses, “added Agent Thibodeau.

SQ agents are continuing the investigation and gathering information gathered by the experts to better understand the circumstances of the accident. One in two lanes was closed to traffic all afternoon on Route 277.

The identity of the victim can not be revealed at this time.

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