A strike notice is filed at Montreal-Trudeau and Mirabel airports

The activities of Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau and Mirabel airports in Montreal could be disrupted as of the morning of December 31 since the union of aircraft refueling employees has just filed an unlimited strike notice.
L are negotiations still need to resume this Saturday afternoon in downtown Montreal and the union claims to have full confidence in the possibility of coming to an agreement before the start of the work stoppage.

The workers rejected Friday evening, in a proportion of 90%, the agreement in principle concluded a few days earlier with Swissport Canada. This agreement had also made it possible to avoid a first walkout planned for Christmas.

On Saturday, the general president of district 140 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Peter Tsoukalas, confirmed that he had sent the strike notice at 11:00 am. This triggers a delay of 72 hours before the start of the strike.

The members’ vote on the start of the strike took place just after that on the rejection of the tentative agreement, Friday evening. However, the union did not finish the counting of the votes until the middle of last night, which explains the fact that the news could not be confirmed at the same time as the rejection of the employers’ offer.

The employer, Swissport Canada, would not have taken too badly the announcement of the strike, according to Peter Tsoukalas since it is simply the normal next step after the rejection of a proposal, he said. -he says.

According to Mr. Tsoukalas, the workers considered that the employer offer was not generous enough in terms of wages as well as in terms of health care and dental benefits. Issues that the president of district 140 of the IAMAW believes he can solve.

“Me, I’m sure we can negotiate that,” he said in a telephone interview as he headed for the meeting place for negotiation. We are prepared to stay there until we have an agreement. ”

In the event of a walkout, Swissport Canada could call on executives to maintain certain activities.

Swissport Canada is the sole supplier of fuel to airlines at both airports. The employees concerned are aircraft refuellers, mechanics at fuel storage facilities, dispatchers, refueling maintenance employees and mechanics.

Their last employment contract expired last August. Wages and work-family balance are among the main points in dispute. According to the IAMAW, the workers concerned earn an average of $ 16 an hour.

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