Women have been going through life together for eight years. In August they will now step in front of the altar. You can hardly wait and are in the middle of the wedding preparations.

Tiziana and hers have been around for eight years Girlfriend Dania a couple. They have known each other since they played together as children on summer vacation in Italy. Their grandparents already knew each other long before they were born.

 A small, intimate wedding is out of the question for Tiziana Gulino

The couple still go on vacation to Italy on a regular basis. “For cultural reasons”, however, a wedding is only an option in Switzerland. In addition, her whole environment is here.

 A small, intimate wedding is out of the question for Tiziana Gulino

Dania has been living and working in Switzerland for six and a half years. «It has become her home. And over the years she was able to acquire a distinctive “Züri-Schnurre”, “jokes Tiziana.

That's what it's about

  • Tiziana Gulino (25) and Dania Maruccia (26) have been together for eight years a couple.

  • In August, the singer will officially and solemnly give her friend the long-awaited word of consent.

  • Now she reveals details , what about the wedding preparations.

  • At the same time, she admits to having put off the search for the wedding dress.

During the summer vacation of 2014, the love between Tiziana Gulino and her partner Dania Maruccia sparked. Now the next step is to follow: In August the women want to solemnly say the long-awaited vow. The couple is currently in the middle of the wedding preparations, but there is no stress or friction with them, as Tiziana reveals in an interview with 20 Minuten: “Even if I can be very impulsive and spirited, we never argue. We discuss everything calmly and make decisions together. »

So the couple was able to agree on the style and the location: “We will get married beautifully by the water and in a very romantic boho style”, enthuses the “The Voice of Switzerland” winner. When it comes to decoration, they want to rely on dried flowers, while white and earth tones dominate. “The wedding will take place in the open air and afterwards we want to celebrate our big day with family and friends,” reveals Tiziana. A small, intimate wedding is out of the question for the two of them. Her desire to celebrate the day with all her loved ones is too great.

Looking for a wedding dress is particularly emotional

But Tiziana puts one task on the long to-do list: the search for the wedding dress. «Only the thought of the wedding dress makes me nervous. I kind of feel like when I start trying on the clothes, everything becomes so much more real. ” In the meantime, however, she and Dania have talked about the style and possible cuts. One thing is certain: Both brides want to wear a dress. But not a pompous, white wedding dress, rather a simple pastel dress, also in a relaxed Ibiza style. In the near future they want to devote themselves to the search and fitting, says Tizi.

It has long been clear that the couple will get married this year. But at the same time, women are honored to be among the first couples to take the step after the “marriage for all” vote. The “The Voice” star likes to look back on the changes in recent years. «It makes me happy to see that our community is increasingly accepted in society at large. But we are still a long way from equality. But if it continues like this, I am confident. ”

Rainbow families are an integral part of today's culture. And accordingly, Tiziana is happy to say: «Yes, family planning is definitely an issue for Dania and me. We want children in our lives, but we take it easy and slow. »

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A small, intimate wedding is out of the question for Tiziana Gulino

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