A family had to collect sacks of fireworks on their land in Kriens. Farmers have to do this annually. This year it was a lot of Güsel.

This is how the route presented itself at the Obergütsch bus station in Kriens on January 1st.

A single farmer collects 325 liters of New Year's Eve

A family tidied up 325 liters of Güsel on their land in Kriens on January 1st.

A single farmer collects 325 liters of New Year's Eve

The material was on their way and the meadow.

That's what it's about

  • Rockets and firecrackers: A family had to collect a lot of fireworks on their agricultural land in Kriens.

  • The farmer concerned likes fireworks, but in her opinion the many broken-down Güsel does not have to be straight either.

  • In order to ensure the welfare of the animals, the woman checks the feed for the animals Cows before they distribute it in the troughs to eat.

The farm in question is located in Kriens near the Obergütsch bus station. This is particularly popular with fans of fireworks on New Year's Eve and on August 1st: “It's actually a ritual for us that we collect the rubbish left behind on our land on January 1st,” says the farmer concerned. She emphasizes that she likes beautiful fireworks herself, and she also regrets that the Lucerne hotelier did not take place because of the corona virus. «It's also allowed to set off fireworks on New Year's Eve», says the woman.

People walking complained to the family

However, a lot of fireworks were shot into the air on New Year's Eve. “It was a huge amount and some of them burned out entire batteries,” the farmer continues. It was so much that on January 1st the family of four collected two bags of 110 liters each and another three 35 liters each. The farmer even understands that the polluters do not dispose of everything themselves: “They also say that burned down fireworks should not be thrown into the trash can because of the risk of fire.”

 A single farmer collects 325 liters of New Year's Eve

Fireworks like this could not be seen on New Year's Eve in Lucerne due to Corona. (Symbol picture)

Nevertheless, especially her husband was really angry during the clean-up on January 1st. The fact that some pedestrians, who had been in large numbers due to the beautiful weather, showed little understanding for the farmers may have contributed to this: “There were a few strollers who complained that we had set off so many fireworks,” says the woman continues.

The next clean-up should follow on August 2nd

Now the family will have their peace again at least until August 1st. After their clean-up operation, they can be sure that no leftovers will damage their agricultural machinery or even damage their cows. In order to ensure the welfare of the animals, the woman has taken precautions: She checks the feed for the cows each time before distributing it in the troughs to eat.

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