A senior with a heart of junior!

Un senior avec un cœur de junior!

Three-Rivers — community) tennis is considered to be the best player in the city. Since 2015, Christian Laurin is aimed at the top of the scenes, provincial and canadian. He was hopeful of achieving its purposes in the months to come.

At a time when Tennis 3R has opened its doors in 2016, Laurin was already sent to the training more serious in his sport. Previously, it was only a practice for recreational and in spite of everything, his game was on point.

“If you want to success in tennis, you must play throughout the year,” says the principal, who discovered the circuit of the veterans Association of tennis Québec, an entity that allows players to keep up in a competitive framework.

“The other players were unaware of who I was at the start. But it has changed since,” smiles Laurin, chosen by Tennis Quebec as the athlete most illustrated in the provincial finals in the AVTQ.

In 2018, he won three tournaments, in addition to walking away with the top honors of the quebec Championships veterans outside, both in singles and doubles. He has also won the Championship of eastern Canada.

At this time, the racket is 54 years old, who lives in the class of 55-59 year-olds, is the second largest in the country, the first in Quebec.

“This is amazing! If I look at my calendar for 2019, I may have a schedule pretty busy. I’m going to Toronto in march for the Championship of the East. The gauge is always reading.”

Then, in August, he will once again have the honor of representing Canada in an international game involving the four best players from 25 countries. The tournament, which draws inspiration from the Davis Cup, will be presented in Lisbon, Portugal.

“I have lived the experience of Miami in 2017. When you play in a world competition of this kind, you work to get back there!”

And Laurin log fort on the Tennis courts 3R. His greatest pride lies in the fact that he continues to make progress, even if it advances in age. No, he is not an opponent convenient for young talent…

“It’s funny, because I know a few of them and sometimes, when we exchange on the ground, I realize that I am older than their father! But it keeps me in shape.”

Her service remains her weapon of choice. As Milos Raonic. It may not be the power of the latter, but on the circuit of the veterans, it allows him to earn more points than it loses.

“With the shoulder, at my age, however, you need to be careful. I love to put pressure on my opponent and control the points. I’m all in attack.”

Its main challenge remains to play this style with more consistency, but on clay, where the game is slower. This is why, in the summer, he returned to practice on the courts of the parc Martin-Bergeron.

The national title in their sights

Christian Laurin believes that he has what it takes to become the future canadian champion in its class. At least that is the goal of 2019 to the director of the information systems within the company Duchesne & Son of Yamachiche.

His playing partner, coach Charles Loranger, believes that he is capable of it. “This is a guy who has a dream, as all players of junior age. In addition, it is fairly complete, it has all the shots in fact. On a smaller scale, it makes me think of the Swedish Stefan Edberg,” said Loranger, speaking of the former world number one in tennis, one of the headliners of the sport in the 80’s and 90’s.

“Christian, he has never missed an appointment for tennis in Three Rivers. He is very committed. It is a good model for our young people.”

Cup 3R

Tennis 3R will see a lot of action in march. This weekend, the center will be the site of a provincial tournament for under 18 years of age. Mathias Roy (1st), Isaac Danis (2nd) and Sacha Héroux (4th), all of the local players, were among the heads of series.

The end of the week of march 16, some of the best players from Quebec in the under 14 years members will walk the land, before leaving the place, a week later, the players in the double in the junior ranks. One hundred players will be on parade at the centre during these three competitions.

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