A season of misery for the Capitals

The season ended as she had started: by defeat. And between the two, more bad news than good. As a result, the Capitales de Québec had the worst season of their history with a record of 38-59. “We will make sure that it does not happen anymore,” said team president Michel Laplante on Tuesday, the day after the last game played in Ottawa.
P uring the Miners of Sussex, the Trois-Rivières Aigles, the New Jersey Jackals and Boulders Rockland were preparing for the playoffs for the Can-Am League independent baseball, smelled the end of early season in the cloakroom of Capitals. Already, some players have returned home, bins are empty.

“When you find yourself among the three or four most beautiful cities to play in independent baseball, this kind of season can not happen. We hear what our fans say, we also find it unacceptable to be 23 games under .500. We hope that it is only an accident of course and that it is not contagious, “added Laplante.

The baseball man was disappointed with the team’s performance, but the manager was delighted by the crowds at the Canac Stadium, where the wickets turned at full speed in the last two months of the calendar.

“The reaction of the spectators amazed and encouraged me. Ten years ago, we dreamed of a full stadium every night, and we’ve had it almost two months ago. It motivates us to have had so many people with a losing team, support for the club has been incredible. We realize that people also come for the atmosphere, but we are too proud to be content with that, we want to offer quality baseball, a winning team, “he added.

Not so good

In his office inside the locker room, manager Patrick Scalabrini looks at the whiteboard where his alignment is found. Many names will be erased forever, some will be invited back. Too early to identify them, but we can think that Karl Gélinas, TJ White, Jonathan Marte, Yordan Manduley, David Salgueiro and Brandon Fischer will be among the number.

At the start of the season, Scalabrini would never have thought of using 52 players to get through the “worst season of my managerial career,” he admitted.

“Still, I loved the team we had at the beginning of the season. We were happy to have four Canadian veterans to find our identity of good years. But I did not expect it to be so crooked with wounds, the absence of Cubans, etc. Well, I knew we were a little old, but there were also some players we had overvalued. We used players who were not regulars, we could never “survive” until the return of the players of the Pan American Games, “Scalabrini analyzed.

He had hoped his club would be in position for the last straight, but the Capitals stumbled too fast. He made changes to restart the team, to no avail, and he brought others to improve the quality of the show.

“It went awry and we could not bring the ship back. Originally, our rotation was to be dominant, but it was not the case, with the exception of Scott Richmond, who pitched at the height of starter number 3 he was. But Karl was injured and had only two wins, it was harder for [Arik] Sikula, our fourth never came and the fifth was injured. All that could go wrong was bad. We turn the page and we will rebuild it “, agreed the one who will mourn the season over the next few days before getting back to the task to rebuild a team to meet the expectations of the Capitals.


In which league will the Capitals of Quebec play next season? Discussions are well underway about a merger between the Can-Am and Frontier leagues. A marriage between the different independent baseball circuits is also in the air.

“We’ll know more in three weeks, but since the star game, I’ve been talking to the Frontier League people all the time. Everyone is aware that it’s better to get together, much like the East Coast League, in professional minor hockey, “said Michel Laplante.

The president of the Capitals is one of the fiercest supporters of a merger between independent leagues. But the interests of everyone have often put a brake on his ambitions, which are not personal. He dreams of a league with 12 or 16 teams, even more, while the Can-Am League fails to break out of its six-club mold.

“Right now, I would say that everyone puts water in their wine. Everyone seems to agree to make concessions. Now, will it be for 2020 or 2021, it is important to take your time and arrive with the best solution for everyone. If I were the only one to decide, I would like it to be done quickly. But what is urgent for me is not necessarily urgent for another. I just can not wait until we’re all together, “he pleaded.

The cost of franchises according to the league that would include everyone, the number of veteran players, the maximum age to evolve, all these points are on the agenda of the discussions between the owners of the leagues.

For now, Laplante is in analysis mode. The Capitals have innovated this season, reducing the price in the concessions inside the Stadium. The same goes for the field team.

“I’m not the type to analyze each element one by one, I prefer an analysis as a whole. What I know is that in mid-June we went to the worst season in history at the counters, But it turned tacked from 1 st July, “added the one that n is not used to being deprived of baseball in September, as it is.

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