A pastor of Longueuil order for punishment on children for 45 years

Un pasteur de Longueuil arrêté pour châtiments sur des enfants pendant 45 ans

LONGUEUIL — The pastor of Longueuil Mario Monette and his wife, Carole Van Houtte, both aged 65, have been formally accused of a series of criminal offences, Friday, at the palais de justice de Longueuil, of abuse that they would have imposed to minors for decades.

The couple is facing 32 charges, including assault with a weapon, assault, having inflicted bodily harm, uttering threats and forcible confinement, among others.

The indictment state of the eight victims who cannot be identified because they were minors at the time of the offences, which allegedly occurred from 1974 to 2019, or 45 years.

The couple, who was the head of the Church bible baptist metropolitan south, in the borough of Saint-Hubert in Longueuil, has been released, but subject to important conditions, first and foremost a prohibition to preach in their church or any other place of worship and religious event, a condition that comes up a barrier between themselves and their followers.

As in any case of the kind, it is forbidden to come in contact with the alleged victims and witnesses, as well as find themselves in a position of authority with young people under the age of 16 years.

Mario Monette and Carol Van Houtte will come back before the court on 29 April for the following procedures.

Physical punishment of children

They had been apprehended Thursday after a year-long investigation of the police Service of the urban agglomeration of Longueuil (SPAL), triggered after two of the victims had filed a complaint.

Then, in the course of the past year, several witnesses have agreed to collaborate in this investigation, some under the guise of anonymity.

A spokesman for the SPAL was told that the torque exerted psychological control important on some members of the church, and administered corporal punishment to children in addition to encourage the faithful to do the same on their own children.

On its website, the Church of bible baptist metropolitan south describes itself as a “church-independent, fundamental, winner of souls.”

The SPAL does not preclude the possibility that Mario Monette and Carol Van Houtte have been other victims and his investigation continues.

The police department is therefore inviting any person with information regarding the acts committed by the pastor and his wife to contact the police by calling the 450-463-7211. It ensures that all information will be treated confidentially.

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