The anti-tobacco lobby wants to lower the smoking rate with a further price increase. Young people in particular are supposed to avoid reaching for the glow stick.

The prices for a packet of cigarettes are set to rise again.

Ein P & auml; ckli cigarettes should cost 14 instead of 8 francs

If the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tobacco Prevention (AT) has its way, the cheapest Zigi package available in stores should cost CHF 10.20 instead of CHF 5.50, as “NZZ am Sonntag” writes.

A pack of cigarettes should cost 14 instead of 8 francs

On average, the price is to be increased from 8 to around 14 francs.

That's what it is about

  • Higher prices are an effective means of combating tobacco consumption.

  • The anti-tobacco lobby therefore wants to make cigarettes more expensive again, and clearly.

  • The packages should cost twice as much in the future.

  • The background to this is a political decision in relation to e-cigarettes.

Cigarettes are supposed to become drastically more expensive. Above all, this should move young people away from the grip on the smoldering stick or ensure that they do not even start smoking. The anti-tobacco lobby is therefore calling for the price of a parcel to be doubled, as “NZZ am Sonntag” writes.

If the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tobacco Prevention (AT) has its way, the cheapest Zigi pack available in stores should cost CHF 10.20 instead of CHF 5.50. On average, the price is to be increased from eight to around 14 francs.

E-cigarettes should be significantly cheaper

The background to the demand is a decision by Parliament last March: e-cigarettes are to be subject to a tobacco tax in the future, as is already the case with normal cigarettes (see box). But in order for people to use the less harmful e-cigarette for financial reasons, the price of classic cigis would have to rise significantly, so the thought.

“If we want to tax tobacco and nicotine products differently according to the health risk, this price has to rise significantly in the medium term – in several large steps”, says Wolfgang Kweitel from AT to “NZZ am Sonntag”. In addition to the Lung League, AT receives support from the Cancer League, Addiction Switzerland and the umbrella organization of doctors (FMH).

9500 deaths annually

However, cigarettes in Switzerland are already expensive compared to other countries. Only in a few countries do the parcels cost more. France is the only neighboring country to Switzerland that has higher prices. However, the purchasing power, which is high in this country, tends to make Swiss prices cheap again. “In terms of wages and costs in Switzerland, CHF 5.50 for a packet of cigarettes is very cheap,” says Kweitel.

In Switzerland, 9,500 people die every year as a result of tobacco consumption. Overall, cigarettes cause health costs of several billion francs annually, writes the “NZZ am Sonntag” on. Around a quarter of Swiss people over the age of 15 smokes.

Effective means

According to studies, higher prices are actually an effective means of preventing people from smoking. As the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) writes on its website, a ten percent price increase leads to a reduction in cigarette consumption by around four percent. A reduction of eight percent is assumed for young people.

This is how the price of cigarettes is composed

In recent years, the price of cigarettes has increased several times. The tobacco industry is responsible for more than half of the surcharge, less than half were tax increases by the federal government. For the last time, the Federal Council raised the tobacco tax by ten cents in 2013. As the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) further writes on its website, the price for a packet of 20 cigarettes from the best-selling brand is CHF 8.80:

Tobacco tax: CHF 4.56 (51.8 percent)
Value added tax: 0.63 francs (7.2 percent)
Tobacco prevention fund: 0.026 francs (0.3 percent)
Fund for co-financing domestic tobacco: 0.026 francs (0.3 percent)
Share of Manufacturers and retailers: 3,558 francs (40.4 percent)

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