A Nordic-style shuffleboard table

If you can’t bring an NHL team back to Quebec, how can you satisfy your passion for the Nordics otherwise? With a shuffleboard game in team colors! This is at least the solution found by Denis Tremblay, a wood enthusiast from Havre-Saint-Pierre, on the North Shore.
T he owner of the small cabinet shop Jack Shop has prepared a shuffleboard table (or American shuffleboard, according to the Office québécois de la langue française) for the basement of his friend Alain Boudreau, a “fan Nordic finish, ”he says.

A piece of furniture made entirely of maple and measuring no less than 4 meters in length (14 feet by 20 inches in width, to be precise). All topped with a decal – first printed, then painted by hand – with the blue, white and red Fleurdelisés logo. “I wanted to imitate the rinks of the NHL teams by inserting the logo in the center,” explains Mr. Tremblay.

“Impressive reaction”

The technical director at the local health center – who hopes to transmit his passion for wood to his four daughters – had the brilliant idea of ​​posting photos of his work on Facebook. “The reaction from Nordic fans has been quite impressive, almost emotional in some cases. But the most striking reaction was that of my boyfriend Alain, the new owner of the table, when he saw the logo! ”

Since then, Mr. Tremblay has received numerous requests to design other objects in the colors of the former team from the capital. However, you have to be ready to pay the right price, since a table of this size – which required a month of work – costs around $ 2,000.

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