A new way to contribute to the future of your everyday life

Every day, many citizens express their will to keep their dailies alive: Le Soleil in Quebec, La Tribune in Sherbrooke, Le Nouvelliste in Trois-Rivières, Le Quotidien in Saguenay / Lac Saint-Jean, Le Droit in Gatineau / Ottawa, The Voice of the East in Granby.
For all these supports, we say to you: thank you!

You recognize the value of local information and the essential role of the journalists who produce it. You want to know this information locally to get news of your world, to make you more informed citizens, to participate in the democratic life of your communities.

Many today ask us: how can I help? What can I do to help keep “my” newspaper going?

Subscribers to our paper versions already participate very concretely in the production of information. But the ways of information change. More and more of you are choosing our digital platforms to follow the news. And you want to contribute too.

Today we are launching a unique initiative to enable you to do that. How? By paying a voluntary contribution. All the money you give will be used to finance the maintenance of quality information.

Our digital platforms will remain free for the moment. But your contribution will allow us to accelerate our transformation, vital for our future.

We believe in this future. You also have your say.

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