Green oases in the city center are few and far between. A new park is now to be built near the Reuss in the center of Lucerne. The requirement has been around for over 40 years. Now things should move forward quickly, demands the SP.

Where there are parking spaces today, should a park will be realized in the future.

 These parking spaces in the middle of the city are to be turned into a new city park

SP Cantonal Councilor Urban Sager has submitted a corresponding proposal to the cantonal parliament.

 These parking spaces in the middle of the city should become a new city park

The park is to be built in a central, but somewhat hidden place: in the inner courtyard between the government building of the canton, the Jesuit church and the technical and business school center.

That's what

  • is about in the inner courtyard of the Lucerne government building a new park is to be built.

  • There have been plans for such a green area for years, but these have been postponed again and again – for example because parking spaces were needed or because there was a lack of money .

  • With the administration moving to Seetalplatz in Emmen, the parking spaces are no longer needed. The canton's financial situation is also better, according to the SP.

A park is to be set up in the courtyard of the government building of the Canton of Lucerne. Because: The car parking spaces are no longer needed as soon as the government has moved into its new quarters on Seetalplatz. Cantonal Councilor Urban Sager (SP), together with other signatories of the SP and the Greens, is now calling for a green space to be implemented for everyone.

The demand for the city park has been around in Lucerne for a long time: as early as 1979, the Grand Council, as the cantonal council was called at the time, referred a corresponding initiative. A park was also requested in 2014. These were then rejected by the Cantonal Council and the government. Reason: The canton administration needs the parking spaces in the inner courtyard. In addition, the canton of Lucerne lacked the money because of its financially precarious situation at the time.

There are no comparable parks in the old town area

“Both arguments are now obsolete,” says Urban Sager. The financial situation has improved massively and the administration will move into the new administration building, which should be ready for occupancy from 2026. “We don't have many parks in the city center.” Besides Inseli and Vögeligärtli, there aren't many parks in the center. The need for parks in the population is there, however. “Green spaces in the city are used very heavily. The Vogeligärtli, for example, is full to the brim on warm summer days. ” According to Sager, the central location near the government building therefore offers a “unique opportunity. There are no other parks in a comparable way in the old town area. ”

The area is surrounded by the government building, the Jesuit church and the technical and business school, there are only two entrances. The fact that the area is sealed off from the government building, the Jesuit church and the technical and business school is an advantage, according to Sager: “The place is totally quiet, which makes the implementation of a park very exciting.” In order for a park to be more accessible, however, a passage from the area to the Reuss must also be checked. Sager leaves open exactly how the park might look. According to him, however, the sealing of the soil must be removed, for example by lawn. «The different possibilities have to be checked», he says.

“The number of parking spaces is getting smaller and smaller”

The SVP does not like the idea at all: “There is now a huge shortage of parking spaces in the city of Lucerne,” says party president Dieter Haller. «In the area where the parking lots are located, the left-green governed city council is gradually dismantling parking spaces. The number of parking spaces is getting smaller and smaller ”, the President continued.

According to Haller, the more parking spaces are removed, the more the attractiveness of the city center suffers. “The city center is now dead, there is no longer any diversity among the shops,” says Haller. “There are no more bakers, no butchers, there is a lack of diversity among retailers. All of this has to do with the fact that parking spaces are constantly being removed. Parking spaces must be preserved, especially in the center, ”says Haller.

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