A man from Lac-Saint-Jean, former Honorary Consul in Mexico, was killed in Cancun

According to Mexican officials, a Canadian retiree who has already been Honorary Consul in Mexico was killed at his home in the Caribbean resort of Cancun. Daniel Lavoie, 62, is from Lac-Saint-Jean and was educated at Alma College and the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi.
The e office of the state attorney general of Quintana Roo said Sunday that Daniel Lavoie had been killed “in a violent manner.” The Attorney General’s office refused to discuss a possible motive.

According to the Mexican daily Milenio, Quintana Roo police said the body was found by a friend who had come to visit him because he was unable to hear from him.

According to other Mexican media, the body of Daniel Lavoie, who had resided in Mexico for more than 30 years, was found on a bed, wrapped in a sheet, his feet tied.

The Quintana Roo police reportedly stated that the former consul had taught English and French and that he held a position at the Canadian consul a decade ago.

The Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office has opened an investigation.

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