A little bit of snow, the sun and the colder weather to break

Un peu de neige, du soleil et du temps plus froid pour la relâche

MONTREAL — thousands of students in quebec are on vacation as they begin their week of spring break.

If several families have chosen to go warm up in the sun, others rather take advantage to enjoy winter sports.

The forecast from Environment Canada conditions that will take place in two stages. In a first time, a snowfall which will be followed by beautiful sunny days, but colder than usual for this time of the year, but nothing to discourage people from going outside to play.

Sunday late afternoon and Monday, virtually all of Quebec will be crossed by a system which will leave between 5 and 15 cm of snow in places.

The meteorologist Alexandre Parent, Environment and climate Change, Canada is all the same reassuring, since it is not a question of a snowstorm, at least for most regions of the province.

“This will be more winter than spring, he told the phone, but it will be ideal for area ski resorts and outdoor rinks, with the mercury oscillating between -5 degrees Celcius and -10 degrees on the day.

According to the weather forecast, the regions of Montreal, the Lower Laurentians and going to Quebec city will receive accumulations total about 5cm of snow.

As this system is moving towards the south, to the eastern Townships and the Beauce, the accumulations will be rather 10 to 15 cm of snow on the ground.

The meteorologist pointed out that there was a potential storm for the regions of Gaspésie and the Côte-Nord region, possibly with high winds and blowing snow for these areas in the day Monday.

Subsequently, this will be the return of the sun, and this, for the rest of the week with colder temperatures, from 5 to 8 degrees below the normal, which are usually less than 1 degree Celsius day in Montreal, minus 3 degrees in Quebec city and less than 5 degrees more to the east.

The meteorologist Alexandre Parent note that it is not a question of extremely cold weather and the rays of the sun, which increase in force, will make outdoor activities more enjoyable on the day.

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