Paraffin, which is used to manufacture candles, is becoming scarcer and, above all, more expensive. The paraffin crisis is due to the limited mobility of those who love to travel.

One of the things that is needed to make candles is paraffin. But this is currently scarce on the world market and, above all, very expensive.

Paraffin deficiency This is causing candle prices to skyrocket

This is also felt by the candle producers in Central Switzerland.

Paraffin deficiency causes candle prices to drop ; he shoot

« At the moment, the procurement of paraffin is a disaster and there is chaos everywhere. The prices for paraffin have risen by around 92 percent since February », says Daniel Kretz, owner of Fischer Kerzen AG in Root LU.

That's what

  • is all aboutBecause of the corona pandemic and the associated restriction in mobility, less oil is currently being refined. That is why the paraffin has become scarce.

  • Paraffin is an essential component for making candles. This is why the candle manufacturers in central Switzerland are also feeling the scarcity of paraffin wax and its price on the world market.

  • Customers also have to dig deeper into their wallets.

Many candle manufacturers use paraffin for their production. The raw material is obtained as a by-product in the refining of petroleum. Since the corona pandemic has restricted people's mobility, the refineries have also greatly reduced their work. The little paraffin is therefore hotly contested on the world market, which is causing prices to skyrocket, as “Fm1today” reports. At the largest Swiss candle manufacturer, Balthasar, the production volume fell by ten percent this year due to the shortage.

Precarious market situation

“At the moment, paraffin procurement is a disaster and there is chaos everywhere. Since February the prices for paraffin have risen by about 92 percent ”, says Daniel Kretz, owner of Fischer Kerzen AG in Root LU. Usually, many candle manufacturers get their paraffin from Asia. However, according to Kretz, these are now moving to Europe and reducing the supply here. “We have been buying high-quality paraffin in Hamburg for years,” says the owner. While his company has processed up to around 600 tons of paraffin per year up to now, it will only be around 450 tons in 2021. “This throttling also has to do with the fact that the catering industry needed fewer candles because of the corona-related closings.”

In addition to catering, the company also supplies florists. Although regular customers could still be supplied, new customers had to be turned away, according to Kretz. “Our existing customers also had to pay more for our candles.” According to the owner, candle prices will increase significantly for 2022: “If a candle is still available for around five francs, I assume that it will then cost 6.50 to 7 francs. This corresponds to a price premium of 30 to 40 percent. »

Even small candle manufacturers suffer

Andreas Braun, member of the management of Schnyder Kerzen AG in Einsiedeln SZ, paints a similar picture: “We are a small company, but the difficult situation has not left us without a trace. We paid up to 40 percent more than before for good paraffin, ”says Braun. Despite the predicament, they can still meet the demand. “Fortunately, we didn't have to cut production and were able to continue as before,” says the manufacturer.

«The market situation is very precarious. Our suppliers were therefore able to supply us with up to 30 percent less paraffin. At the moment we can barely get through because we are primarily supplying the catering industry, which also has a difficult time », says Beat Meyer, Managing Director of Kerzenmeyer GmbH in Horw LU. Although his company has started to manufacture candles from vegetable oil, converting the entire production chain is time-consuming and the raw materials are more expensive. “That is why paraffin remains essential for candle production,” says Meyer.

After all, it would be easier for small candle manufacturers to get their batches of paraffin because they simply order smaller quantities. “If the situation worsens, however, it could also be tight for the small candle manufacturers,” Meyer continued.

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