The doppelgangers of famous comic characters and movie characters are still allowed to disguise themselves. This is what the Federal Council's draft for the implementation of the concealment ban initiative provides. The local hero «Spidey vo Winti» is also allowed to roam the streets anonymously.

The Federal Council stipulates that one may dress up for artistic and entertaining performances. Event organizers for cosplay events are happy that geek culture is also receiving attention and that they can continue to decorate cities like Bern with unusual outfits, say the organizers of the Hero Festival in Bern. “The Federal Council is not only concerned with the old, local customs such as Carnival, but also with the new customs that young people bring to Switzerland,” says Cédric Schlosser, Managing Director of Hero-Fest.

< p>According to the Federal Council's proposal, the ban on veiling has many exceptions. You can cover yourself up in order to protect your health, for example wearing hygienic masks. You are allowed to promote local customs and thus disguise for the carnival. And: Anyone who exercises their basic rights to express their opinion may mask themselves if it does not impair public safety.

Exactly this point is a thorn in the side of the father of the ban on veiling, SVP National Councilor Walter Wobmann, and he demands therefore a very precise formulation in the text. The President of the Greens, Balthasar Glättli, was against the bill from the start. He sees a clear contradiction in the fact that it would then be forbidden to express one's personal religious convictions, but not the political ones.

The subtleties are now discussed in the consultation and then added to in the message. Then it is parliament's turn.

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