A few weeks before the closing of La folle fourchette

The crazy fork will close at the end of January. The owners hoped to find a buyer for the tableware store, but they will eventually have to turn the page.
S ophie Grenier-Héroux and Cyane Tremblay founded La folle fourchette more than six years ago. In addition to a boutique showing Quebec artisans, the place also offered cooking workshops.

“It was a beloved, viable project, with great spin-offs and people liked what we were proposing … All of this gives us the desire to embark on other projects”, says Ms. Grenier-Héroux, in an interview with The sun.

Business was going well. The desire to live other adventures tipped the scales for the entrepreneurs. First, they wanted to bequeath their project, to leave it in the hands of other people.

“We didn’t find people to use the concept as it was. It’s a shame, but it may be a good thing after thinking about it. This project is so associated with us that it’s a good thing that it ends with our departure. ”

The two women informed their loyal customers by closing a Facebook publication on 1 st January.

“Matured and analyzed” decision

“A decision that has been matured for a long time and analyzed from all angles. A decision that has long been too emotional to talk about, but which is now taken care of ”, one can read on Internet.

They also thanked all the people who jumped into the adventure with them and who adopted La folle fourchette. The two co-owners have only fond memories.

“People are very surprised, they are sorry to hear about it. We suspected it. There is also a wave of love that comes with that, ”says Ms. Grenier-Héroux.

She and her partner Cyane are therefore heading towards new challenges. M me Grenier-Héroux says she has a head full of ideas and they will be shared in due course. The kitchen should not stay too far from it…

“The crazy fork was very personal, it was our life plan. It has given us new enthusiasm. I’m glad I did, I wouldn’t be who I am today without her, ”she adds.

Last month

The last month of the store will create the latest memories. Since the discounts are launched, the store is always full of people. Furniture and accessories will also be on sale in the coming days.

“The biggest mourning is to leave the people around us, the cooking teachers, the Quebec artisans we put forward … We say goodbye to all these people at the same time.” customers have until the end of January to obtain a last gift from the shop on the 3 e Avenue, before the setting changes.

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