On Tuesday the police stopped a handlebar (50) on Schulstrasse in Romanshorn TG who was driving a car despite the iced windows.

A clear view of the road? Nothing.

 For example, a driver was traveling with two children (4 and 5)

The canton police only allowed the driver to continue driving after he had freed the windows from the ice. (Symbol picture).

 This is how a driver was traveling with two children (4 and 5)

The Kapo gives tips in the” Safe through the winter “guide.

On Tuesday morning shortly after 8.15 a.m., a patrol from the Thurgau cantonal police on Schulstrasse in Romanshorn stopped a 50-year-old driver who was driving with an iced windshield. Two children aged four and five in the car with him. None of the children were buckled up.

The Italian (50) was only allowed to continue after he had completely freed the disk from the ice. In the aftermath, he will probably receive mail from the public prosecutor – the guilty driver was reported. He must expect the ticket to be withdrawn.

The ice also needs to be removed from the rear-view mirrors and indicators

The Thurgau canton police warn that anyone who is out and about with limited visibility is endangering themselves and others. “The Road Traffic Act stipulates that the vehicle must be driven in a safe and proper condition.” ‚ÄúThis means, among other things, that the driver has a clear view in all directions. In addition to the windscreen and the front side windows, ice and snow must also be removed from the headlights, rear-view mirrors, indicators and the vehicle roof and bonnet. ” More winter tips from Kapo Thurgau can be found here.

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 This is how a car driver was on the road with two children (4 and 5)

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