A beer to Bears of Legend

Une bière pour Bears of Legend

Trois-Rivières — This is not new; the beer and music make a good combination. Like the great names of rock, the group Bears of Legend now has a beer associated with his name. Brewed by the microbrewery In the cask, Saint-Tite, the Beer of Legend is a gose-hopped after the training musical on tour.

The singer of the training from the region, admits in an interview that members of Bears of Legend enjoy, when they are on the road, the beers of microbreweries of quebec, particularly those of the drum. David Lavergne mentioned precisely that several approaches had been carried out with the microbrewery in Saint-Tite to propose a partnership, but that no project had been successful, until recently.

“The gang of the drum is so creative and professional. It boils in this place. It was not long that they get to design and create from scratch a beer for us,” says the singer of the training, David Lavergne.

“We are a fan of beers from micros ever since. As it has been associated with the years this craft beer a little in spite of us. Especially by the fact that we started our tours of shows in the quebec microbrewery. They were the first to buy our show.”

These first shows in the microbreweries were a defining moment for the group, for good and bad reasons. “I remember at the time the first tour that we had done, we called it a tour and off we went to four shows, and then we cancelled the latter because it had not managed to get through it because we had had too many beers,” remembers laughing, David Lavergne.

Une bière pour Bears of Legend

The microbrewery In the was launched the beer Beer of Legend, in partnership with the folk group of the region Bears of Legend.


The marriage between Bears of Legend, and the microbrewery was quite natural, especially as the drummer of the training, Francis Perron, was born in Saint-Tite. The musical training also says to maintain the same values as the microbrewery, in particular with respect to the importance of local production. It is also the first project of its kind for the drum.

“It’s going to be all-natural to represent this microbrewery,” says David Lavergne.

The name of the beer Beer of Legend, has established itself as inescapable. This is due to the error a very common pronunciation that many francophones are committing by saying “beer” instead of “bear” when they talk about the group. More than just a quip, this name recalls inevitably that of the training folk.

The Beer of Legend is available now from good distributors of beers from microbreweries. This beer will also be available in a pub-the microbrewery in Saint-Tite. The launch of the gose comes at a time when Bears of Legend begins Thursday, a series of two shows at the cabaret of the amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivières, where they will discover their new album, A million lives. Also, the song Only You from the album wends its leisurely way through the commercial radios.

On tour throughout Quebec in the coming months, the members of the group are in some way preceded their beer. Although it will often be impossible to sell at the shows, because most of the scenes have exclusive contracts with the major brewers, it will still be possible to find this gose to the microbrewery in the town where the group occurs.

“We want to ensure that the beer is available in the cities where the Bears of Legend are going to occur,” explains Marie-Claude Thiffeault, head of communications At the drum.

For the moment, the production of the Beer of Legend is modest. If the request is at the rendezvous, the microbrewery will increase its production.

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