A month ago, German rap great Loredana performed with a full orchestra in Lucerne's KKL. The 90-minute concert film has now been released.

Lori's hit “Now you are calling” in the Red Bull Symphonic live version – in the smartphone-friendly 4: 5 format.

That's what it's all about

  • The recording of King Lori's Red Bull Symphonic concert on November 25th in Lucerne's KKL is here.

  • The best: The one and a half hour concert film is Free of charge!

  • With this you can finally prove to your parents at Christmas that this German rap is a really cultured thing in the case and has not earned its sometimes dodgy reputation.

  • Or you just enjoy the show.

  • Whatever, we're not here to tell you what to do.

  • So: Merry Christmas!

  • Or not.

  • Whatever.

At the end of November, German rapper Loredana played her first and so far only concert with a full orchestra. The Red Bull Symphonic event for the 26-year-olds took place at the KKL in their Hometown Lucerne with Bausa, Yll Limani, Eaz, Xen and daughter Hana (2) (and a bulging mini-fridge as the weirdest decorative element of the year) on the Stage and 1500 people in the audience.

If you've been one of them and want to do the show again or couldn't be there and finally want to know what exactly was going on, you can click your tongue now (or whatever you do when something good or at least okay happens to you). Because: The entire gig, which lasts around one and a half hours, is now available for free on Red Bull TV as a stream.

Or right here:

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