90 days in prison for a violent attack on a driver of the RTC

Vincent Dallaire, 22, will have to serve 90 days for giving a violent blow to the face of the driver of the Capital Transportation Network (RTC) who refused to let him board without paying. The sentence greatly disappointed the union of drivers who feared the trivialization of violence on buses.
L e May 3, 2018, Dallaire had to go take an exam at Laval University, where he studied engineering. On entering the bus, he realized that his OPUS card no longer contained a passage.

Driver Ronald Pugh, 59, asked him to get out and take the next bus, after “reloading” his card.

Dallaire then gave the driver’s face a hard blow and came out, not without threatening him with death. The assault was filmed by the camera of the bus. The driver had a broken nose and suffered a concussion. Heavily shaken by the aggression, he tried to return to work, but ended up taking early retirement.

Judge René de la Sablonnière of the Court of Quebec imposed a 90-day sentence, the period of detention claimed by the prosecution.

The court maintained a condition that Vincent Dallaire must have already observed, namely not to take the bus except for work or study purposes and except in the presence of an adult.

The judge said he wanted to “send a clear message that we can not go against the people who work in public services with impunity”.

The president of the drivers union, Hélène Fortin, was extremely disappointed with the sentence.

“For us, it’s a constant stress. We are beginning to live more and more verbal aggression that seem trivialized by the employer, “says Ms. Fortin.

About fifteen bus drivers were present at the courthouse. The victim has not been able to come, says the union, still too affected by the aggression.

Vincent Dallaire is currently detained. He has been arrested in recent days for death threats against three individuals, who have no connection with the RTC.

More details to come …

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