The big bank depends on the network for all printers in the IT department. The pandemic and the home office prompted the bank to take this step.

UBS wants to become more environmentally friendly.

8000 UBS- With immediate effect, employees are no longer allowed to print

That is why the bank is banning printers – at least from the IT departments.

8000 UBS employees are no longer allowed to print

Over 8000 employees in more than 25 countries are affected by the measure. (Symbolic picture)

That's what it's about

  • UBS is banning printers from all IT departments.

  • This is how the bank wants to become more environmentally friendly.

  • In an emergency, the employees can still print.

Printing is bad for the environment. Because the manufacture of paper is associated with CO2 emissions. This is exactly why UBS is now banning printers, as the finance portal “Inside Paradeplatz” writes. The big bank is taking all devices in IT departments worldwide off the network.

“We're doing this because it's the right thing,” says an internal message from the bank. UBS wants to further improve its ecological footprint. Over 8,000 employees in more than 25 countries are affected by the measure.

However, the printers are not being scrapped, as a media spokesperson said to 20 Minuten: “We are only setting up access to printing in the IT departments.” In an emergency, however, it can still be printed.

Since the pandemic, however, it has been shown that less is printed – also because the majority of employees work in the home office. In addition, employees can access everything via the bank's digital platforms. “There are enough digital alternatives that make printing out of paper superfluous.”

This is how UBS wants to reduce emissions:

UBS wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero net across its entire business by 2050. With credible and transparent CO2 compensation measures and investments in nature-based solutions, the bank intends to offset its previous emissions burden back into the year 2000. In addition, the bank undertakes to invest in sustainable funds and investments.

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