Fireworks get on their nerves for a majority of the 20 Minuten community. There was a lively discussion about this in the community.

The readership has nothing against professional fireworks. (Symbol picture)

 65 percent would forbid fireworks

But fireworks that only go off loudly get on readers' nerves.

65 percent w & uuml ; r forbid fireworks

Around 65 percent of over 20,000 people would like to ban this.

That's what it's about

  • In many places New Year's Eve was celebrated with rockets and firecrackers.

  • On the 1st of January came on the land of a farmer in Kriens A total of 325 liters of New Year's Eve rubbish.

  • The article on this sparked a lively discussion in the community of 20 minutes.

  • Bei In a survey of over 20,000 participants, the majority were in favor of a ban.

On January 1st, a farmer in Kriens had to collect around 325 liters of New Year's Eve rubbish, which was simply left on his farm on New Year's Eve. Over 20,000 readers took part in the survey in the article. Around 65 percent are in favor of banning fireworks. 19 percent would regret spending money on fireworks. Seven percent are of the opinion that the bang is not annoying because it rarely happens, and nine percent of the readership think fireworks are great.

Over 300 people reached out to the buttons and left a comment. For example, LizSu writes: “It shows disrespect if you just leave your garbage behind. You could come back the next day and clean up. Is it that difficult? ” Other readers are of the opinion that those who cause it should dispose of their rubbish themselves. Steff brings another suggestion into play: “An advance waste charge would not do any harm here or anywhere else.”

«This is unbearable even for asthmatics!»

The fact that littering generally annoys the readership is shown by Its's comment: «Littering should be penalized: be it cigarette butts, plastic packaging, fireworks, etc. Sometimes people are so selfish and think that those from the street maintenance department pick up their rubbish. In addition, I am of the opinion that fireworks should be generally prohibited, especially for private individuals. ” Or PS, for example, who draws attention to health problems with his comment: “Not only domestic and wild animals suffer. This is unbearable even for asthmatics! ”

A farmer's wife writes: “But none of them report to the farmer to clean up the next day. Everything stays with the farmer. Unfortunately, we have already lost animals ourselves because they ate something foreign. That is why tidying up is so important. ” The terrible woman doesn't want to endure fireworks anywhere: “This pollution and the noise are coercion. I do not want that. Hospital patients, disabled people with guide dogs, old people who go to bed early, babies … the suffering must come to an end. »

Signatures for Ban collected

But there are also other opinions: Jammer jammer jammer writes: «… oh my goodness! Don't make such a big show now! That happens twice a year !! Jesus Christ … there are worse things to get upset about !!! ” And FootsDump thinks: “That should be done by the community employees, because they are financed by us taxpayers. I was told that it is important if there is rubbish on the roadsides and in the fields, because this will secure jobs. Since then I have been making my contribution against unemployment with a clear conscience and throwing everything out the window that I no longer need. ” This comment does not find support from other readers: 552 people are of the opinion that this entry is unnecessary or nonsense, of which 466 people judge the writer with the option “not like that”.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that some people have pointed out that signatures will soon be collected for the Federal People's Initiative “For a strong restriction on fireworks”. The association wants to protect people, the environment and animals. “Because fireworks are not part of the basic right of personal freedom and enjoy no legal protection,” the initiators continue.

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