Our film and series expert Florian Michel reveals his streaming favorites for cozy days at home.

How? Christmas binge you say? Yes, exactly. Where to start?

5 series for blissful binge-watching

Florian Michel, film and TV editor at 20 Minuten Radio, has a plan. At the bottom of the article he recommends five series to help you switch off during the holidays.

 5 series for seeliges bingewatchen

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  • Florian Michel is our man for film and TV topics.

  • Every Thursday he discusses the “Movie of the Week” on 20 minutes of radio.

  • While the live broadcasts are paused (until January 3), he reveals his favorites for the holidays.

  • Flos series tips for Christmas binge-watching are available right here below.

  • Next week, he will reveal his film highlights for 2022 at this point.

«The Mandalorian» (Seasons 1 and 2)

The trailer for «The Mandalorian».

Series inspires me with its tone in the style of the original trilogy. In addition to familiar faces from the animation series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, “The Mandalorian” manages to introduce new characters with ease. On top of that comes the western-style series – definitely a highlight!

On Disney +

P.S .: If «The Mandalorian» isn't enough «Star Wars» in series for you, it starts on 29. December the spin-off “The Book of Boba Fett”, the story of the famous bounty hunter, also on Disney +.

The trailer for “The Book of Boba Fett”.

« Outlander »(Seasons 1 – 5)

The trailer for« Outlander ».

The series is based on the book series of the same name by US author Diana Gabaldon and is visually impressive on all levels. The story follows Claire (played by Irin Caitríona Balfe), who travels through time through the power of a stone circle and thus finds her great love. With well-staged fighting to great love scenes, the series has something for every taste.

On Netflix

«Community» (Seasons 1 – 6)

The trailer for «Community».

Anyone who wants to strain their laughing muscles is well served with the series by comedy great Dan Harmon. The plot takes us to a community college, where different characters meet. The acting ensemble convinces with late night show greats John Oliver, Donald Glover (whom you may also know as a musician Childisch Cambino), Chevy Chase and “Hangover” star Ken Jeong, who provided the template for various memes.

On Netflix

«The Witcher» (Seasons 1 – 2)

The trailer for «The Witcher ».

The series is based on the Polish book series of the same name, which also forms the basis for a video game series, and is a treat for lovers of the fantasy genre. “Superman” actor Henry Cavill embodies the rather grumpy title hero perfectly. The audience can expect perfectly choreographed fight scenes (and yes, blood too), convincing magic animations and storytelling that demands full attention.

On Netflix


The trailer for «Sisi».

RTL dares to play one of the most popular characters in film and TV history and is now implementing this as a mini-series in the style of the Netflix series “The Crown”. The fictional story tries to bring in more historical authenticity. There is more violence and more sex, but all of this is still wrapped in a love story, as one can expect from «Sisi».

Towards RTL + or from December 28th on RTL linear watch, two episodes of 60 minutes each

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