The corona regulations cause trouble in the spa. The guests regret the booking and the hoteliers are at their limit. Now hotels are putting the controls off.

You can only come to the hotel indoor pool with a negative corona test, unless you have been boosted or you are younger than 16 years.

& laquo; 2G + is the greatest Challenge for wellness hotels & raquo;

The rule causes frustration among hotel guests and hoteliers.

 & laquo; 2G + is the greatest challenge for wellness hotels & raquo;

Because the test centers need patience because of the long waiting times.

That's what it is

  • The new corona rules are causing a mess in wellness hotels.

  • Only those under the age of 16 who have been boosted and untested come to the spa.

  • News scouts who have been vaccinated twice find the measures discriminatory.

  • The hoteliers are at the stop because of the controls.

The tightened corona measures have been in place since Monday. In wellness hotels, the new rules are causing total confusion: 0G applies to overnight stays, 3G for cosmetic and massage treatments, 2G in the restaurant and 2G + in the indoor pool.

News scout Jürgen is annoyed about the regulations: “It's getting too cumbersome. Hotel guests can only use the sauna if they are also tested. And that every day.” No guest does that in the spa for just one hour.

There is also another annoyance: “Many test centers are overbooked, especially in mountain regions where tourism is now in full swing,” writes Jürgen.

«I would not book again»

News scout Heidi is currently on vacation in Flims. She would think 2G + would be fine if it applied to everyone. “But now unvaccinated people under the age of 16 and boosted risk groups can move around freely. All those who have been double-vaccinated for more than four months should have a daily test. »

2G + if the mask does not work

The Federal Council has decreed that from December 20, the 2G + rule will generally apply in places where a mask cannot be worn. A negative test result must therefore also be presented in indoor swimming pools, saunas and steam baths in hotels, even if the person has been vaccinated or has recovered.

The tests in the test center are free. But there are extremely long waiting times. “Testing takes more than an hour a day. To do this, we had to stop skiing earlier in the afternoon, ”writes Heidi.

In addition, the test center has limited opening times and is closed on weekends. Had she known earlier, she would have booked a cheaper hotel without a spa area: «I would not book the hotel again as long as 2G + applies.»

Hotel guests have to go for tests travel

The new situation is also difficult for the hotel staff. “2G + is the greatest challenge for wellness hotels,” says René Maeder from the Waldhotel Doldenhorn in Kandersteg. His hotel bathroom has three entrances. “Corona test results are impossible to control,” he says.

In addition, there is still no test center in Kandersteg. “There was no way to set up one immediately, because the Federal Council informed so quickly a week before Christmas,” says Maeder. The guests would therefore have to go to Thun or Frutigen for tests, but everything was overloaded there.

“Federal measures cannot be implemented”

Andreas Züllig, President of the Hotelleriesuisse industry association and host at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide, is also struggling with 2G +. “The federal government has imposed measures that cannot be implemented very quickly. We cannot monitor several entrances to the hotel bathroom from morning to evening, ”says Züllig.

Several employees of the hotel are already in quarantine. It is therefore difficult to just provide normal services. «Now everything is coming together. We try the best for our guests and are in contact with the FOPH for a workable solution, ”says Züllig.

Several employees of the hotel are already in quarantine. That is why it is difficult to just provide normal services. «Now everything is coming together. We try the best for our guests and are in contact with the FOPH to find an acceptable solution, ”says Züllig.

The Hotelleriesuisse Association confirms on request that the transition from 3G to 2G + in the wellness area is for the hotels is a “huge challenge”. “2G + in the wellness area is a clear restriction of the tourist offer,” says a spokesman. The result is a decline in demand and an enormously increased effort for the hotel operations.

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