The online retailer Digitec Galaxus was able to grow again after enormous growth in the first year of the crisis. Those were the most popular products.

Digitec Galaxus had a record year.

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The turnover of the Migros subsidiary climbed over the two billion mark.

 2 billion sales - Digitec Galaxus is the clear number one of the online shops

3.7 There are now millions of products at Digitec Galaxus.

That's what it's all about

  • Digitec Galaxus has grown significantly in 2021.

  • For the first time, the online shops achieved sales of over two billion francs.

  • The Migros subsidiary is also growing abroad.

In the Corona crisis, online business is booming. Migros is also feeling this: The Group subsidiary Digitec Galaxus cracked the two billion mark for the first time in 2021. Sales rose year-on-year by 16 percent to 2.122 billion francs, as the company writes in a press release.

“I am extremely proud that our team mastered this year, which was difficult to predict due to corona measures and delivery bottlenecks,” says Florian Teuteberg, CEO of Digitec Galaxus.

The growth is not quite as big as in the first year of the crisis, when Digitec Galaxus increased sales by almost 60 percent. But retail expert Nordal Cavadini from the consulting firm Oliver Wyman is also convinced: “It is a great achievement that a company can continue to grow after an extraordinary year of tremendous growth,” he says to 20 Minuten.

Unattainable number 1

According to the experts, the Migros subsidiary is now the clear number one in the Swiss online market. That is already certain, although the big competitors like Zalando and Amazon have not yet published their figures.

Digitec Galaxus has also grown in the markets outside Switzerland. The company has been active in Austria since last October and in Germany for four years. In both countries, it increased sales to over 100 million euros.

Digitec Galaxus can look forward to further growth. According to communications expert Fidel Stöhlker, the boom in online trading and especially at the Migros subsidiary will continue: “Digitec Galaxus is the best-known online electronics retailer in Switzerland and has a strong mother who supports it with advertising.”

Digitec Galaxus is expanding

The signs for Digitec Galaxus are also pointing to growth abroad, the expert is convinced. «Switzerland has an extremely good reputation for quality and reliability. In view of the many fake platforms, Digitec Galaxus can benefit and gain new customers abroad, ”says Stöhlker.

For further growth, the company is now planning to enlarge the logistics and storage area. It is expected to grow from 5000 square meters today to 20,000 square meters in the next few months.

Of the more than 3.7 million products available for sale at Digitec Galaxus, everyday products were particularly in demand . The greatest sales growth was in the supermarket, do it + garden, living, baby and toys (see box) product groups.

The top sellers at Digitec Galaxus by product group:

  • Baby and toys: Diapers and Lego

  • Supermarket: Cleaning utensils and pet supplies, especially food for cats and dogs

  • Living: Storage boxes, candles and picture frames

  • Furniture: Cloakrooms, shelves and clothes racks

  • Do it + garden: Construction and renovation materials, pizza ovens

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