The biggest weak point on the Internet attracts a large number of hackers. According to experts, companies now have to be careful.

Experts warn of the Log4shell vulnerability.

100 new hacks per Minute - Internet gap is actively exploited

It threatens large parts of the Internet.

100 new hacks per Minute - Internet gap is actively exploited

Critical infrastructure is also at risk, including in Switzerland.

That's what it's all about

  • The Log4shell security gap is actively exploited.

  • According to security experts, there are around 100 new hacking attempts per minute.

  • However, it is difficult to close the gap quickly.

  • It is unlikely that these attacks will disappear again soon, according to one expert.

At the beginning of this week, a critical security hole called Log4shell was discovered that threatens Internet users all over the world. It is a vulnerability in a well-known module called Log4j, which is used for data logging. For a long time it was not known whether the vulnerability was already being actively exploited by hackers. As the BBC now reports, this is the case.

In fact, there should be around 100 new hacking attempts per minute due to the security gap, according to the cyber security company Check Point. The researchers observed that criminal attacks were carried out on around 40 percent of all company networks worldwide. At the same time, security guards are working to close the gap as quickly as possible.

«There is no panacea»

Amit Yoran, CEO of the cybersecurity company Tenable, also spoke up. In a press release, he wrote: “Just as we warned, the Log4Shell vulnerability is now causing difficulties for companies all over the world. And the worst is yet to come if companies don't take immediate action. ” These attacks would not go away anytime soon, but would rather increase.

“Companies have to act quickly and decisively, as Log4Shell can and will completely undermine their existing security strategy,” Yoran warns. «No security product from one provider is a panacea to completely solve this problem. Eliminating the threats emanating from Log4Shell takes hard work and time to understand this vulnerability and how it changes and evolves over time in order to bypass protective measures. »

The director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Jen Easterly, agrees. “I want to make it clear, this vulnerability poses a great risk,” she told the BBC. As security expert Marc Ruef explained to 20 Minuten, the gap mainly affects IT infrastructure operators. End users do not actually use the software component concerned. “You can still be indirectly affected by successful attacks, for example if your user data is suddenly destroyed or sold,” says Ruef. Therefore, it is now a matter of making an updated version of the affected component ready for use.


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