Florian Michel, film and TV editor of 20 Minuten Radio, looks ahead to the New Year's theatrical releases. And explains which films we can especially look forward to.

The trailer for «Spencer».

That's what it is

  • Also in 2021, some long-awaited films were launched Corona – postponed due to reasons.

  • We hope that 2022 will be a better year.

  • That's why Florian Michel, 20 minutes -Radio-Film- and TV-Editor, here is an overview of his highlights of the new film year.

  • Nonetheless: Due to the pandemic, the planned start dates may of course still change.

«The King's Man: The Beginning»

The trailer for «The King's Man» .

January starts with a prequel: “The King’s Man: The Beginning” tells us the story of the independent secret service, which was introduced in 2015 with Taron Egerton (32) and Colin Firth (61) in “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. Top-class actors such as Stanley Tucci (61) and Ralph Fiennes (59) and a lot of exaggerated action await us when it comes to the genesis.

Planned cinema release: January 6th


The trailer is above!

Also playing in England, «Spencer » takes the audience on a weekend with the deceased Princess Diana. In the lead role: The barely recognizable Kristen Stewart (31).

Planned cinema release: January 13th

«Death on the Nile»

The trailer for «Death on the Nile»

The novel by Agatha Christie is coming back to the cinema. In the main role, the Northern Irishman Kenneth Branagh (61, “Tenet”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Dunkirk”) can be seen as the detective Hercule Poirot. “Wonder Woman” leading actress Gal Gadot (36) is also part of the shipping mystery party.

Planned cinema release: February 10th

«The Batman»

< p>The trailer for “The Batman”.

First a vampire, now a bat: In “The Batman” Robert Pattinson (35) proves that he also has a hard side – a very hard one. The film shows us the beginnings of the dark avenger and delivers a dark story with many well-known Batman villains, including Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz, 33), Penguin (Colin Farrell, 45) and the Riddler (Paul Dano, 37).

Planned cinema release: March 3rd

“Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets”

The trailer for “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets”.

Harry Potter fans watch out! Not only have we seen the leading actors of the original films return to Hogwarts since the beginning of the year (Sky Show), in April film number three from the “Fantastic Beasts” series with Eddie Redmayne (39) and Jude Law (49) will follow . How well the decision to replace Johny Depp (58) with Mads Mikkelsen (56) will be received by the fans remains to be seen.

Planned film release: April 7th

«Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness»

The trailer for «Doctor Strange the Multiverse of Madness».

Marvel is bringing a movie to theaters that will delight hardcore fans in particular. Can the hobby audience still be enthusiastic about this deep dive into the superhero universe? If not for the story, then maybe for Benedict Cumberbatch (45). The British acting ace will undoubtedly perform at its best again.

Planned film release: May 4th

« Top Gun: Maverick »

The trailer for« Top Gun: Maverick »

Welcome to the Danger Zone! Tom Cruise (59) returns to the big screen in his iconic role as a fighter pilot and Val Kilmers (62) Iceman is there again. In addition to the veterans, there is a lot of young blood to be seen in the cockpits of the fighter jets. Is it worth the 38 years of waiting since the cult film was released? We'll see.

Planned cinema release: May 26th

«Minions – In search of the mini -Boss »

The trailer for “Minions – In Search of the Mini-Boss”.

Banana …! Bob, Stuart, Kevin and Co. are finally coming back to the big screen. The continuation of the acclaimed animation film from 2015 promises a lot of joy and fun with the yellow subordinates.

Planned cinema release: June 30th

«Black Adam»

Dwayne Johnson on the set of” Black Adam “.

He played in the most successful films of the previous film year: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (49). Can he continue this success in 2022? With «Black Adam», the action hero dares to try it as an antihero who uses magical powers to wreak havoc. Pierce Brosnan (68) in the role of Dr. Fate confirmed.

Planned theatrical release: July 28th

«Avatar 2»

The 2022 financial statements belong to James Cameron. It is not yet known which special effects the star director will inspire us with in the sequel to his sci-fi mega hit from 2009. One can assume, however, that the cinema experience will be overwhelming, just like the «Departure for Pandora».

Planned cinema release: December 14th

Is that not enough anticipation for you yet?

The cinema year 2022 awaits with a number of blockbuster sequels. A few more titles to note: “Thor 4: Love and Thunder”, “Mission Impossible 7”, “Indiana Johns 5”, “Jurassic World 3: Dominion”, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever “,” Spiderman: Across the Spider Verse Part 1 (Part 2 of “Into the Spiderverse”) ”and a“ Star Wars ”film, the title of which is not yet known.

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